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The Extreme Right Wing movement counts on their opposition, that's you, to be what they call a "low information" voter.

The enemy of corporate owned media, right wing spin, political lies by ommission and other unethical persuasive tactics of propaganda, is an informed voter.

The country's future is in your hands, in your voice on various social media websites, and in your vote.

It is the responsibility of every one of us to help others understand the truth, see through the right wing lies that are meant to fool or lull middle class voters, to shape voters minds with lies and bad logic, that if successful, will come back to hurt the very voters that voted for them and helped them pass legislation that is meant to optimize corporate profits at the expense of the middle class and working poor.

You need the relevant facts about what helps or hurts the middle class worker in order to not fall victim to the overwhelming media coverage spinning out right wing propaganda and disinformation created by big corporate think tanks interested in increasing profits, not U.S. jobs or wages.

Don't be a low information voter.  Educate yourself.  Be informed on the issues.  Read our articles and a selection of books on our Progressive Political movement that is meant to help the 95%, the majority, we the people, the middle class and working poor.

Understand economics, job creation mechanisms, and unethical persuasive language tactics.  Then you will be in a position to debate right wing conservatives with sound logic and true information.  Most extreme right wing voters can't back their position with information or logic, just name calling, rumors, inuendos all put out by spin masters to play with people's minds without any basis for logic or truth.

They may pose questions that imply wrongdoing or that some progressive issue will raise taxes or cost jobs or hurt energy or taise gas prices ... all to imply and stick in voters minds that any issue the current Democratic President, President Obama, is for is something that hurts the public.  This is classic spin strategy, unethical and untrue.

It's not that President Obama does everything right, but it's who is making more efforts to help the middle class worker vs helping the wealthy investor class, those living on investment income instead of work income.

I love small and mid-size family owned corporations. They provide jobs and they think of their employees as real people.  They do the best they an for employees in most cases, even if they can't pay the top wages and benefits.  Big Corporations and Multi-National Corporations are publicly owned.  Publicly owned sounds like "we the people" own the company.  But in reality, these corporations are owned by stockholders, investors.,, not investors that own 1000 shares of some cmopany, but investors who own a big chunk of the company shares, hundreds of thousands of shares. 

It is a corporations officers job to optimize the profits of the corporation for the benefit of the investors ... and according to right wing economist, Milton Friedman, a corporation has no moral or social responsibility while optimizing its profits.  That is the definition of a sociopath, someone with no empathy for other people, even willing to hurt others for their own gain. 

This kind of sociopathic thinking provides an environment of "survival of the fittest" and dog eat dog" type culture.  What we end up with is 80% of the wealth and income of our country is held and made by the top 5% of the population, not the majority.  Why is that?  Because the rules of the game have been fixed (influenced) by the wealthiest 5% using their money to lobby congressmen and senators to vote for legislation that is wirtten and handed to them by right wing think tanks, created specifically to give this 5% an advantage in the game.  Who and what sets the rules of the game?  Our congress and senate set the rules of the game thru the legislation they pass.  That is why politics is so critical, and why they make it so mind numbing that the middle class doesn't even want to pay attention to the details.  They count on the middle class to vote based on the dis and misinformation slogans they put out in the mainstream media.

Is this "dog eat dog" environment what we really want in the U.S.?  I don't think so!

We can certainly accomodate reasonable and ethical capitalism that treats and pays workers fairly ... with corporations loyal to the U.S. economy and workers, not capitalism that moves operations to low wage third world countries to maximize profit margins and who gives a damn about the U.S. workers and families they just destroyed.

Workers are not looking for a handout. They want to help coroporations work toward their goal of being profitable, but don't want to be treated unfairly while doing so.  Let's fight for ehtical and responsible capitalism.  That is the only version of capitalism that will truly be maintainable and will work for the well being of all.

Thanks for your investment of times and effort in reading our expressed and informed opinions.

MCV Editor
"Think it Through"

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