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by MCV editor on 03/27/12

Don't be a "low information voter."

Extreme right wing conservatives are spending big big money attempting to influence the minds and attitudes of voters using unethical persuasive tactics.  They provide you with false logic and soundbites to make you think they want to create good jobs for U.S. workers, cut taxes, get instrusive government out of your way.  Mitt Romney has been giving speeches repeating the word Freedom over and over.  Everyone is for freedom, but his idea of freedom is not the same as yours and mine.  Freedom to a business man like him means closing the labor department, department of education, energy and more.  Why?  These are regulatory (intrusive government) departments that protect "we the people" ... the workers, the consumers, the environment against large institutions with power from overstepping a sense of moral and social responsibiltiy in order to gain higher profits at any cost.  To these people, freedom means getting government our of their way, not ours.  ... just like they did when they lobbied legislators to remove regulations on banking and wall street ... and see what happens when we take the boundaries away?  We face economic con games that collapse our economy.  Cutting taxes means getting rid of essential social programs, cutting budgets for police, fire, ems, schools/teachers, postal workers and more.  They want to get rid of Big Government, because it is the only power that "we the people" have that can still fight for us (if we can get rid of corrupt legislators).  Creating jobs means nothing more to them than increasing their profits ... and increasing profits does not equate to new good paying jobs.  Yes, profits are essential to create new jobs, but in itself, only creates more income for investors.  Businesses only hire more employees when Consumer Demand (consumer/worker spending) increases beyond the point where current employees cannot meet the demand.  As long as legislators have removed trade import fees, fees that allowed U.S. companies to compete on equal ground, consumer spending is creating jobs overseas.  We either need to plug that hole or have government invest stimulus money, our taxes, on infrastructure projects like alternative energy, wind and solar ... and on inter and intra state high speed rail with the condition that government stimulus money only be used to buy needed services and supplies from U.S. companies with U.S. workers.  ... but we still need to plug the trade hole or our money will continue to flow out of the U.S. like a bucket with a hole in the bottom.  We are currently in a ship that hit an iceburg called Free Trade and we need to stop the U.S. from sinking.  If we bring our U.S. jobs back, fix and update our infrastructure, plug the trrade hole, tax revenues will increase and we will be able to pay down our deficit.  But Right Wing Conservatives cannot give the wealthy huge tax cuts, big corporate incentives and abatements, and then cry out that big government spends too much and we need to cut essential social programs that serve the majority of citizens.  How obvious is it they want to get rid the government out of their way by shrinking it out of power, the power of "we the people."  That is the only power we have ... our government, and we need to protect it.  We need a powerful government that works for the majority, not corporate and investor profitability.

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End Big Oil Subsidies Now - Tell Your Senators to Support S.2204

by MCV editor on 03/24/12

Important News from the League of Conservation Voters ... 

URGENT: Tell your senators to stand up for the American people, not the Big Oil companies.


End Big Oil Handouts

Tell your senators: Stand up for the American people, not Big Oil.

Did you know that over the past decade, the big five oil companies – BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil and Shell – have earned more than $1 trillion in profits?

At the same time, these oil companies also enjoy billions in special tax breaks. Meanwhile, Big Oil’s congressional allies continue to push ‘oil above all’ energy policies – from advancing the toxic Keystone XL tar sands pipeline to expanding dangerous drilling off our coasts.

It’s time to fight back. The Senate may soon vote on legislation to end billions of dollars in annual giveaways that the Big Oil companies receive.

Contact your Senators and ask them to support S.2204

Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) has introduced the ‘Repeal Big Oil Tax Subsidies Act’ (S. 2204), which would cut billions of dollars in unnecessary oil subsidies. Additionally, the senator’s bill would use those savings to invest in clean, renewable energy sources that would create new jobs, make America more energy independent and reduce harmful pollution.

It makes absolutely no sense that ExxonMobil, which reported annual profits of $41 billion in 2011, continues to benefit from massive taxpayer-funded government handouts. But this upcoming Senate vote represents an opportunity to put every senator on the record. As President Obama said recently, “They can either stand up for oil companies, or they can stand up for the American people.”

Call or Email your Senators and tell them to stand up for us, not the Big Oil companies.

(just enter your city, state and zip code along with the term "U.S. Senator" to find info on your representatives)

Thank you for taking action.

News forwarded by www.MiddleClassVoice.org

"Think it Through!" --- MCV

Gasoline Prices hurt ... but don't blame those fixing the problem!

by MCV editor on 03/22/12

Gas prices are up near $4 a gallon in the U.S.  It used to cost me about $1 to visit my parents, now it's $4 for every trip and trips like this.  Add a daily trip to work and back and  this can add up to a big expense.  It hurts and we want to blame someone.  .... but blame the wrong person and it could come back to actually hurt you in the long run.

I'm talking about blaming the President for gas prices.  Here is the record.  Since his election, oil and national gas drilling in the U.S. has increased every year.  President Obama has pursued alternative energy production to slow the use of foreign oil consumption and much of this legislation has been blocked by Republican legislators who want the public to suffer so they blame the President and vote him out.  President Obama has called for increased mileage on auto manufacturing and the auto companies have responded.  This has lowered the demand of more oil by a significant amount.  In fact, our foreign oil consumption has decreased every year since President Obama has been in office.  At the present moment, part of the problem is that we are drilling faster than we can get the oil to the refineries.  A new pipeline to handle this is being fast tracked by President Obama. 

Even with all of this.  Even if we drilled every inch of land with oil that we have in the U.S., it would still not impact oil prices for many years and only by a small amount.

So what is the problem?  Every time there is tension in the Middle East where the majority of all the world's oil comes from, prices drastically increase.  It is the oil company's way of preparing for an oil shortage in the event of a war.  Currently, not only are we having some issues in Afghanistan, but Iran has recently made comments that sound like threats to the U.S. claiming they already have hundreds of of their undercover soldiers in the U.S. ready to take up their cause when needed.  This is why we are paying high gas prices.  Blame the very person helping to resolve the foreign oil issue long term, and we shoot ourselves in the foot.

"THINK IT THROUGH!" ... MCV                                                                 (more on politics at www.MiddleClassVoice.org

Mitt repeatedly cries out for Freedom ... but what does he really mean?

by MCV editor on 03/22/12

Language is a slippery thing.  One word can mean a whole lot of different things to different people.  So when some politician uses a word like Freedom to get a crowd wound up, the crowd thinks they know what he means.  It's easy to agree to a concept like Freedom.  We all want Freedom ... so politicians spin it ... they use it as a net they cast out to catch a whole bunch of voters. 

But what if Mitt cried out Black Lung? or Mine Shaft disasters? or Worker's Wages cut in half? or Children with Asthma Smothered to a Painful Death? or Radioactive Tritium from Nuclear Power Plants in our vegetation and water supply? 

How about it?  Are we going to chant YEAH, GO MITT! to all of that???

I think not ... and that's the slippery part of language.  Freedom to Republican leaders means let's close the energy, education, labor department and more.  These agencies control regulations that put boundaries on what business can do and can't do ... that effects Corporate Freedom (not your personal freedom).  Why?  Because corporations have one goal ... to optimize profits for their investors without social or moral responsibilities. ... and there is the rub.  Corporations run by a board responsible to investors (not families) have no conscience.  It is not part of their job and officers would not be hired as a CEO, CFO or COO if they worried about social or moral responsibilty that interfered with profits. 

Regulations cost business money or restrict some of their earning power because the government is run in favor of "we the people" not "we the investors."  "We the people" care about our environment, our workers wages, benefits and conditions and whether our consumers are being conned by businesses.  Regulations protect us from over reaching businesses looking for that extra profit percentage. 

So when Mitt cries out for Freedom, he is crying out to let big Business do what they want without restriction, harmful or not to the public.  Look what happened when we lowered the restrictions on Wall Street.  This is a big part of the mess we have noe.  Mitt is a businessman and the last thing we need in the White House is someone looking out for business investors instead of "we the people." 

And if you think more profits means more jobs, you are wrong.  No business person in their right mind hires a single employee unless the demand for their products or services exceeds the ability of their current employee staffing to handle it.  Remove regulations and all that happens is more profit for investors. Put money in the hands of the middle class who spend it, and demand increases while money in the hands of investors increases supply ... but if no demand, investors won't invest, so they hold on to their money.  (Now if we can plug our trade hole, the stimulus would stay in the U.S.)

"THINK IT THROUGH!" ... MCV                                                                  (more politics at www.MiddleClassVoice.org)

Job Creation and Fair Trade

by MCV editor on 12/28/11

The solution to increasing good paying jobs in the U.S. is simple ... but definitely not easy.  I am not anti-trade.  I believe in trade.  Trade can help workers in every country.  The problem is that the focus has been on supply side economics and the myth of Free Trade.  Free Trade benefits multi-national corporations by increasing their profit margins but does nothing for the U.S. worker.  Free trade takes jobs away from workers where the standard of living is decent and could be considered supportive of living a middle class life ... more than survival, but not luxury.  Fair trade must be equal trade based simply on "the cost of goods made."  Tariff or import fees must be charged to equalize the difference in cost of goods made between trading countries.  Simply increasing prices on imported goods, not via tariff fees, only gives further motive for corporations to move jobs from countries paying decent wages to their workers, to countries where they hire desperate low-wage workers.  Corporations still charge a normal, but slightly discounted price, and keep the giant profit margin.  If they were to pass the majority of it on to their workers, the import fee would be much smaller.  This would be true "fair and equal trade."  Companies would no longer have the motive of enormous profit margins to move jobs overseas.  Overseas companies would still trade but compete fairly with existing U.S. companies.  Go to www.MiddleClassVoice.org to read the entire report!

MCV editor

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